Jaclyn DiGregorio

I help female entrepreneurs find clarity in their biggest vision and take action to make it a reality. 

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Hi, I'm Jaclyn DiGregorio

I am a speaker, best-selling author, business strategist, and the proud founder of Clarity and Action Consulting.

My mission is to help female entrepreneurs get clarity on their goals and turn their dreams into reality. It is both an honor and my passion to work each day with inspiring women who will stop at nothing to achieve their dream businesses.

I know what it’s like to start a business with so much hope and enthusiasm...and have it quickly turn sour. The daily struggles. The overwhelm. And sooner or later, burning out.

After 2 years of struggling, I FINALLY got the clarity and game plan I needed to become the 6-figure business owner I felt I was meant to be. I know how lonely and isolating it can feel to struggle in your business, and I want to help as many women as possible to break free.

I hope you join my Facebook community I know it will help you find clarity, take action towards your biggest business goals, and connect with other women just like you!

Ready to Take the Next Step Towards Your Biggest Goals?

The Spark Your Light Academy is a a transformational program to help female entrepreneurs create and implement a step-by-step roadmap to turn their biggest dreams into achievable goals.

Know you’re on the right path as you see not just results in your business, but also signs from the universe because you're doing exactly what you were born to do.

Grow your business, make a bigger impact, and attract more money so your family can experience financial freedom (as quickly and easily as possible).

Take your income to the next level and build not just a business that you’re incredibly proud of, but a heart-centered movement aligned with your values.

Jaclyn inspires audiences across the country to stop dimming their light and follow their dreams no matter what fears are holding them back

Here’s What Other Women Are Saying…

"Jaclyn’s program lit a fire under me to take action! She gave me practical steps to generate revenue and empowered me to know the value my service was worth. That combination helped me make more money in my business during her program than the three prior years combined. I’m so happy with the momentum I’ve gained working with her!"

Cortney Edmonson
Motivational Speaker

"Jaclyn has been instrumental in helping me change my mindset. She's helped me implement a daily visualization practice and was the first to tell me that any of my major dreams are absolutely possible. I'm so thankful for the impact Jaclyn has had on both my personal and professional lives because of this."

Jessi Beyer
Founder of Jessi Beyer International

"While working with Jaclyn, I gained clarity on my vision from her knowledge and guidance as well as action steps to implement. She has helped me grow by giving me insight into my limiting beliefs and how to shift my mindset. I’m more aligned with my purpose and more confident. I would recommend Jaclyn to any entrepreneur that wants to take their business to the next level."

Kimberly Keane
Professional Speaker


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